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5/21/2020 Update on Opening Plan after closure of Fab Lab ICC due to the COVID-19 pandemic.

Members of Fab Lab ICC:

It’s been a wild, unprecedented and stressful two months since the Lab was closed, along with the rest of the ICC campus, due to the pandemic, especially now that some of our member small business owners are re-opening.

Now, after a dizzying array of re-opening phases, modified phases and decimals of phases, I am announcing our plan to reopen the Lab on a somewhat limited basis. (BTW, while this is not necessarily the plan I would have implemented, I worked with ICC administration to develop a plan they felt in the best interest of the college.)

Before I lay out the plan, I’d like to make two points:

  1. We will begin extending by 5 months, all paid memberships without charge. This is to help compensate our members for this period of time the Lab has been closed.*

  2. Since we can’t be open in June, we’re offering curb service** to our members that are small business owners.

Fab Lab ICC will be open, on a somewhat limited basis, July 6 – August 15.


Monday, Wednesday and Friday, 1:00 – 5:00

Tuesday and Thursday, 1:00 – 7:00

Saturday, 9:00 – 1:00

  • The wearing of masks will be required by everyone in the Lab

  • Social distancing guidelines—maintaining 6 ft of distance—will be required

  • Occupancy will be limited to no more than 8 people in a given room; no more than 20 in the entire facility at a given time (You can check our Visitor Sign-Out page at to get a feel for how many people are in the Lab.)

We will develop the stay-open plan for August 17 and beyond as we observe what happens with the pandemic and local/regional cases of corona virus over the summer.

*You may receive one or more system emails as we change your membership record to extend it by the 5 months.

**Curb Service for Fab Lab members who are small business owners.

I wanted to be open to our members who are small business owners, even by appointment only, during June to allow them to print materials to try to get their businesses going again. Since we can’t open until July 6, here is our alternative.

Although we normally don’t do the printing for our members, during June, Tim Haynes or I will do the printing for flyers, banners, posters for Fab Lab members who own businesses and charge only for the materials. When materials are ready, we’ll offer curb-side pickup.

Note: This offer is to do the printing from printer-ready art/design files provided by the member. Feel free to provide the design yourself, use your favorite graphic designer, or check our Fab Lab Marketplace ( ) for design services.

The situation remains fluid and any drastic changes in the COVID-19 status may cause changes to this re-opening plan. Also, we may be able to open additional evenings. Check our home page for the latest schedule information.

Finally, our Fab Lab store is open at We have a mask for sale in the store that, while it hasn’t been evaluated by any medical authority, most people will deduce by looking at it that it provides more protection than a cloth mask. I can tell you that for activities like mowing, cutting wood in a shop, etc. it’s one of the better masks I’ve ever used.

(Below is the previous update.)

May 15, 2020 Update on closure of Fab Lab ICC due to the COVID-19 pandemic.

Governor Kelly has just announced her Phase 1.5 to Reopen Kansas. In that plan, she recommends that schools stay closed until June 30. To be consistent across campus, our ICC administration has determined that Fab Lab ICC  remain closed to members until July 6.

The situation remains fluid and if the COVID-19 situation improves, we will be looking for any opportunity to open the Lab sooner.

(Below is the previous update.)

March 20, 2020 Update on the closure of Fab Lab ICC due to the COVID-19 outbreak.

On March 18, 2020, the ICC administration notified staff and faculty that the all classes after spring break would be offered remotely and that all non-essential ICC staff work remotely from home from March 30 through May 15. There were no exceptions for any ICC facilities in the announcement so for the time being, we will plan on Fab Lab ICC being closed until May 15.

Even though Tim and I are deeply disappointed in not being able to offer the Lab to our members, given where we’re at on the COVID-19 virus curve and the current strict CDC social distancing guidelines it’s best that we all stay out of the Lab.

As with all things related to this pandemic, things will continue to change rapidly, and the opening date of May 15 is certainly a moving target. As things change, we’ll update our site.

Whether it’s soon or a little longer than soon, we greatly look forward to see our members using Fab Lab ICC again.

Jim Correll, director


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