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2016 Archive

Fab Lab director, Jim Correll, has been writing a weekly column for the Independence Daily Reporter since April of 2016. In the column, he covers subjects ranging from Fab Lab ICC to entrepreneurship as well as the need to change our education system in the United States. l

Table of Contents - 2016 Articles

16-12-28 How to Have An Awesome New Year

16-12-21 The Contractors Are Coming

16-12-14 Let's Have a Battery-Free Christmas

16-12-07 Your Idea Could Be Worth $500

16-11-30 Meet Some Real Entrepreneurs on December 14

16-11-24 Why College Education Should Not Be Free

16-11-16 All Millennials Are Not Cry-Babies

16-11-09 What’s Wrong with Traditional Capitalism

16-11-02 The Future is Scary

16-10-26 I Love a Parade

16-10-19 Two Years Old and Just Getting Started

16-10-12 Waiting for the Good Jobs to Come

16-10-05 Avoiding the Commodity Trap

16-09-28 We Were All Born to Be Entrepreneurs

16-09-21 Patent That New Idea-Depends

16-09-14 The Power of Thought—Negative and Positive

16-09-07 Business Succession Planning

16-08-31 Why Not Innovation?

16-08-24 What Should Our Message Be?

16-08-17 Top 10 Ways Fab Lab ICC Impacts the Local-Area Economy

16-08-10 What Customers Really Want

16-08-03 Hiring: Ask A Different Question - Get a Better Result

16-07-27 As Long as There Are Humans, There Will be Problems

16-07-20 Establishing a Foot-Hold for Youth Entrepreneurs in Southeast Kansas

16-07-13 You Gotta Have a Reason Why Someone Would Buy Something From You

16-07-06 Why the Young People Have Gone (How We Can Get Them Back)

16-06-29 The Future Requires a New Kind of Workforce Training

16-06-22 The Discrepancy Between Unemployment Rate and Job Openings

16-06-15 Maker Girls Were Here

16-06-08 5 Year Old Tragedy Yields Entrepreneurial Lessons for Today

16-06-01 The Challenge of the $15 Minimum Wage

16-05-25-Small Business Management Tools

16-05-18-Experimentation, Experience and Combination; Primary Ingredients for Innovation

16-05-11 The Philosophy of Fab Labs and Maker Spaces

16-05-04 Entrepreneurship Misunderstood; A Vision for Entrepreneurial Mindset in Southeast Kansas

16-04-27 The New Economy is Here

16-04-20 The WWWW of TEDxICC

16-04-13 Entrepreneurial Mindset: The Greatest Rural Opportunity

16-04-06 Moratorium on Spending Money on Experts

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