Welcome to Fab Lab ICC. (www.fablabicc.org)  In the spirit of our culture, this site is a working prototype, an on-going experiment to provide Fab Lab ICC and community members with information about Fab Lab ICC 

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Register now* for this fall's Entrepreneurial Mindset class featuring the Ice House Entrepreneurship program starting August 15.

Register now* for  this fall's Guitar Fabrication class, making a quality 6-string electric guitar from a complete kit, starting August 21 at 5:30. No experience necessary.

*More information available on the registration pages.                                                                              

Register now for the next Community Boot Camp-How to Start a Fab Lab from Ground Zero

September 18 - 20, 2018 (Learn more)

Pre-register for the 2018 Fruit Fundraiser. (No obligation or payment now, just pre-registration.


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