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  • Membership Agreement

    Thank you for your interest in becoming a Fab Lab ICC member.  Your annual membership will give you access to the tools of the lab to imagine, design and create all kinds of things, pretty much limited only by your imagination.  You’ll be asked to cover the cost of most of the materials and sometimes the supplies required for your projects.

    The Agreement

    Our goal is that the five document sections following constitute the agreement between Fab Lab ICC and our members. These are the document to which we’ll ask your agreement by your signature.  If you’re joining as a family, your signature will include your consent for any minor children living in your household.  Since this is a new endeavor for us and Fab Labs are a relatively new endeavor in the marketplace, there will undoubtedly be changes and enhancements made to the agreement as we move forward.  Our goal is to provide safe and convenient access to work centers and processes not normally available to our members for use in making “just about anything.”  We welcome your input concerning how we can improve the membership experience.

  • ·      Fab Lab ICC Member Agreement, including the International Fab Lab Charter
  • ·      Membership fee schedule
  • ·      Model Release
  • ·      Liability Waiver
  • When you are ready to become a member of Fab Lab ICC, you may print and complete these forms and bring with you or we can provide a set of the documents for you to sign when you come to the lab for the first time.

    Standard Public Hours:  (Hours may change without notice or update of this agreement although we usually communicate changes in hours through our Facebook page and via member email.)

    1:00pm – 5:00pm Monday - Friday

    The lab is available at other times by appointment, including mornings and over the lunch hour.  Just give us a call at 620-332-5499 or email us at and let us know.  Please note that our hours may vary around holidays and certain academic breaks.  Feel free to check with us.

    Materials used for your projects can be provided by you or purchased from Fab Lab ICC.  There will be designated areas where members may leave unwanted leftover materials.   These left-overs are available to other members at no charge.

    Note: For everyone’s safety, we need to know the identity of all materials being used for projects made in the Fab Lab.  We can’t allow anyone to bring unidentified materials into the lab.  If we are unfamiliar with a material, we will require a Material Safety Data Sheet (MSDS) to be provided.


    Many Fab Lab ICC processes are driven by digital files.  For some, the file can be a PDF containing a 2Dimensional rendition of what you want to make.  Others require a 3Dimensional file that a machine converts to what it needs to perform its function.   We’re working to find open source (free) solutions that are relatively easy to learn to use so that our members can get up to speed and get a first project done quickly.  Projects in the Fab Lab are Do It Yourself (DIY).  Our job is to help you as needed with your project, but not to make your project for you.  Our challenge is to come up with a series of approximately 2-hour seminars during which anyone with previous basic computer knowledge can learn enough to complete a first project.


    Except for the Premium membership, work center availability is a first come, first served basis.  Generally, work centers have a time limit of one hour.  This means if someone is waiting a work center, you’ll need to come to a stopping point at the end of the period so the next person can take their turn.  Premium members can schedule a work center time with more than 24-hour notice and their work center time limits are longer.

    Fab Lab ICC: Member Agreement and International Fab Lab Charter

    As a Fab Lab user, I will…

  • 1.    Be willing to share the space with others, without prejudice.
  • 2.    Be willing to learn new skills and knowledge with minimal assistance, and ask questions when I am unsure how something works.
  • 3.    Share my knowledge with those less experienced, if I’m able.
  • 4.    Leave my workspace clean and tidy, and return all tools and supplies to the right place.
  • 5.    Pay for all consumable materials and supplies that I use.*
  • 6.    Practice the Golden Rule, and respect others’ ideas and property.
  • 7.    Be creative, enthusiastic, and broaden my horizons.
  • 8.    Be respectful of others, and maintain a pleasant atmosphere in the Fab Lab.
  • 9.    Have fun, and allow others to do the same.
  • 10.  Wear a name tag at all times while in the Fab Lab, for safety and to promote a community atmosphere.
  • * Material risk and scrap policy. We celebrate experimentation and learning from our mistakes.  This means that occasionally projects will not turn out as we wish and materials are scrapped.  Members assume a certain amount of risk for the materials they use for projects whether they have purchased them from Fab Lab ICC or provided their own.  If materials are scrapped 1.) Due to a machine malfunction or misguided assistance from Fab Lab staff, Fab Lab ICC will generally assume responsibility and pay for or refund the cost of the materials. 2.) Due to the action of the member, the member will generally absorb the cost of the materials.

    Fab Lab ICC: Policies


  • 1.    When indicated, eye and ear protection must be used in the machine area.
  • 2.    On the west side of the dividing wall there should be no loose fitting clothing, no open toed shoes and long hair should be tied back.
  • 3.    Seek Fab Lab assistance when moving new material to and from large machines.
  • 4.    Fab Lab users must have express written permission from the Fab Lab Director before making anything that a reasonable person would consider a weapon.  Work (i.e. engraving and/or other modifications) may be done with verbal permission from lab personnel on duty.  Only parts, no complete, firearms are allowed in the Fab Lab.
  • Intellectual property

  • 1.    Whatever you create in the Fab Lab belongs to you.
  • 2.     You agree to be photographed with your creations, and you understand that photographs will be posted to our website, which other people may see.
  • 3.    While we do not assist directly with the patent process, we have access to resources that can help.
  • Behavior

  • 1.    This is a community space, so please refrain from using language that could be viewed as offensive.
  • 2.    As a Fab Lab user, you are expected to comply with all staff instructions, policies, and signs posted in the Fab Lab, as well as our Member Agreement.
  • 3.    At the discretion of Fab Lab staff, you may be asked to leave for inappropriate behavior or noncompliance with Fab Lab policies.
  • Machine use

  • 1.    Please treat Fab Lab machines with care, as if they were your own.
  • 2.    Please use machines only as intended, to avoid costly damage and to make sure they are available for everyone to use. You may be responsible for costs associated with repair or negligence, due to misuse of ICC property.
  • Hours

  • ·      Members should have projects completed or at a “stopping point” so the lab may close on time. Staff members may occasionally stay late to work on personal projects.  Members must obtain permission from Lab Staff before continuing to work after closing time, and Lab Staff reserve the right to close the facility at his or her discretion.  Please remember that after hours, staff members are not paid and may not be able to provide the same level of support as during normal operating hours.  Lab members working after hours should consider this a time to be “on their own.”
  • Food and Drink in the Lab

  • ·      Members and guests are welcome and encouraged to enjoy food and drink in the “café” area of the lab.
  • ·      Drinks only in covered containers are allowed in other designated lab areas.
  • ·      Food is only allowed in the “café” area of the lab.
  • ·      Please dispose of trash and leave any areas of the lab you use in as good or better condition than you found them.
  • Artistic, experimental, prototyping and production use of Fab Lab ICC

  • ·      Artistic and experimental use of Fab Lab ICC means generally one of a kind creations.
  • ·      Prototyping would involve making items for testing for functional or marketing purposes.
  • ·      Production use means the experimenting and prototyping are over and the emphasis is on making multiple copies of some item or product.

Your Fab Lab ICC membership includes using our machines and resources without additional charge for machine use. (You’ll pay for or provide materials you use.)  We encourage entrepreneurs to use Fab Lab ICC to develop solutions for problems that might have a future commercial value.

For Production Use, we may ask you to pay a reasonable additional charge for use of the machines.  This may include jobs where substantial quantities are produced both for profitable sale and for non-profit donations.  Please check with us before launching a Production Run and we’ll work something reasonable with you.

The International Fab Charter

What is a fab lab?

Fab labs are a global network of local labs, enabling invention by providing access to tools for digital fabrication

What's in a fab lab?

Fab labs share an evolving inventory of core capabilities to make (almost) anything, allowing people and projects to be shared

What does the fab lab network provide?

Operational, educational, technical, financial, and logistical assistance beyond what's available within one lab

Who can use a fab lab?

Fab labs are available as a community resource, offering open access for individuals as well as scheduled access for programs

What are your responsibilities?

safety: not hurting people or machines
operations: assisting with cleaning, maintaining, and improving the lab
knowledge: contributing to documentation and instruction

Who owns fab lab inventions?

Designs and processes developed in fab labs can be protected and sold however an inventor chooses, but should remain available for individuals to use and learn from

How can businesses use a fab lab?

Commercial activities can be prototyped and incubated in a fab lab, but they must not conflict with other uses, they should grow beyond rather than within the lab, and they are expected to benefit the inventors, labs, and networks that contribute to their success.

Membership Fee Schedule for Community Access to Fab Lab ICC

Fab Lab ICC is available to members of the community, area and region through annual memberships allowing use of the lab.  Supplies and materials are available for purchase or can be brought by members. Any proceeds from Fab Lab revenue are used for the future sustainability of the lab.

Join Fab Lab ICC

Fab Lab ICC offers several membership options to suit your specific lab needs. Our most basic membership package is for individual adults. If you’re a “power user” and need the ability to reserve machine time, we offer a premium membership plan. We also offer discounted family, student, educator and artist memberships.  Below are our membership options, along with their details. If you have any questions, please contact us at 620-332-5499 or

All Membership Levels

Require no contractual agreement, with no refund or cancellation. Memberships, renewable annually, include access to the lab during member hours, complimentary lab safety and orientation courses, instruction on lab workstations and equipment, special invitations to lab events and activities, and one free guest per visit.    A guest can work with the member on a project or on an independent project.

Premium Individual Membership - $280

• Valid for one year from the end of the month of purchase.
• Includes priority reserved use of lab machinery Monday through Friday 1:00 to 5:00 or weekday mornings by appointment up to 3 hours per machine per day up to 20 cumulative reservation hours per week on all machines.  Machine reservation will not be available during evening hours or Saturdays.
• Must be 18 years old or older.

Premium Corporate Membership - $280 plus $65 each additional named member

·       Same features as Premium Individual Membership with discounts for additional members from the same organization.

Individual Membership - $125

• Valid for one year from the end of the month of purchase.
• Includes use of the lab machinery at-will outside of Premium Member reservations up to one hour per machine per session.
• Must be 18 years old or older.

Family Membership - $225

• Valid for one year from the end of the month of purchase.
• Includes two named adults and up to five named children living in family home.
• Children under the age of 14 must be accompanied by adult member during all lab visits.
• See Individual Membership lab usage policies above.

Student-Educator Membership - $95 (ICC students and staff, contact us for lab use info.)

• Valid for one year from the end of the month of purchase.
• Proof of current student enrollment, current employment as an educator, or artistic resume is required.
• Must be at least 14 years of age or older.
• Membership must be purchased by parent or guardian on behalf of minor.
• See Individual Membership lab usage policies above.

Sustaining Membership - $125

• Offered for those not wishing to use the Fab Lab but desiring to help with sustainability.

ICC does not discriminate on the basis of race, religion, color, national origin, sex, age, tenure, disability or any other factors that cannot be lawfully considered in its programs and activities as required by all applicable laws and regulations.

Model Release for Photography and/or Video Imagery

For valuable consideration received, I grant to Fab Lab ICC the absolute and irrevocable right and unrestricted permission concerning any photography or video taken of me or in which I may be included with others, to use, reuse, publish, and republish the photographs in whole or in part, individually or in connection with other material, in any and all media now or hereafter known, including the internet, and for any purpose whatsoever, specifically including illustration, promotion, art, editorial, advertising, and trade, without restriction as to alteration; and to use my name in connection with any use if he/she so chooses. I acknowledge that Fab Lab ICC will not use, publish, or otherwise distribute the full name of any Fab Lab ICC member under 18 years of age. I release and discharge Fab Lab ICC from any and all claims and demands that may arise out of or in connection with the use of the photography or video, including without limitation any and all claims for libel or violation of any right of publicity or privacy. This authorization and release shall also inure to the benefit of the heirs, legal representatives, licensees, and assigns of Photographer, as well as the person(s) for whom he/she took the photographs. I am a legally competent adult and have the right to contract in my own name. I have read this document and fully understand its contents. This release shall be binding upon me and my heirs, legal representatives, and assigns.




NOTICE: Read this document carefully before signing. It is a waiver of rights and an acknowledgement of your understanding of the rules and regulations for use of Fab Lab ICC. It is a legally binding document.

1.     In consideration for receiving services, material and permission to use Fab Lab ICC, related contents, and equipment, I hereby RELEASE, WAIVE, DISCHARGE AND COVENANT NOT TO SUE, Fab Lab ICC, The Fab Foundation, Independence Community College, The State of Kansas, their officers, agents, servants, or employees (hereinafter referred to as RELEASEES) from any and all liability, claims, demands, actions and causes of action whatsoever arising out of or related to any loss, damage, or injury, including death, that may be sustained by me, or any of the property belonging to me, WHETHER CAUSED BY THE NEGLIGENCE OF THE RELEASEES, or otherwise, while participating in such use, or while in, on or upon the premises where the facility use is occurring.

2.     I am fully aware of the unusual risks involved and hazards connected with any kind of use of Fab Lab ICC, especially the operation of machine tools and related metalworking, woodworking, and small electronics activity, and I hereby elect to voluntarily participate in said activity with full knowledge that said activity may be hazardous to me and my property. I VOLUNTARILY ASSUME FULL RESPONSIBILITY FOR ANY RISKS OF LOSS, PROPERTY DAMAGE OR PERSONAL INJURY, INCLUDING DEATH, which may be sustained by me, or any loss or damage of property owned by me, as a result of being engaged in such activity, WHETHER CAUSED BY THE NEGLIGENCE OF RELEASEES OR OTHERWISE. 


3.     I further hereby AGREE TO INDEMNIFY AND HOLD HARMLESS the RELEASEES from any loss, liability, damage or costs, including court costs and attorney fees, that they may incur due to my participation in said activity, WHETHER CAUSED BY NEGLIGENCE OF RELEASEES or otherwise. 


4.     It is my express intent that this Waiver of Liability and Hold Harmless Agreement shall bind the members of my family and spouse, if I am alive, and my heirs, assigns and personal representative, if I am deceased, 

and shall be deemed as a RELEASE, WAIVER, DISCHARGE AND COVENANT NOT TO USE SUE the above-named RELEASEES. I hereby further agree that this Waiver of Liability and Hold Harmless Agreement shall be construed in accordance with the laws of the State of Kansas. 


5.     IN SIGNING THIS RELEASE, I ACKNOWLEDGE AND REPRESENT THAT I have read the foregoing Waiver of Liability and Hold Harmless Agreement and the attached Rules of Use for Fab Lab ICC, understand both and sign this release voluntarily as my own free act and deed; no oral representations, statements, or inducements, apart from the foregoing written agreement and Rules of Use, have been made; I am at least eighteen (18) years of age and fully competent.


  •      Fab Lab ICC Member Agreement, including the International Fab Lab Charter
  • ·      Model Release
  • ·      Liability Waiver


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