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Growth Accelerator 

The Fab Lab ICC Growth Accelerator for the Development of Entrepreneurs and Small Businesses

A set of tools for all those looking to launch, grow or re-invent a business, whether full time or part time.  Whether you are working on your business concept and set up, you’ve launched; i.e. made your first sale or find it’s time to re-launch your business we can help you with the Entrepreneurial Mindset and Management Skills to be successful.

Collection of Tools and Benefits

        • Access to Fab Lab ICC.
        • Access to our network of entrepreneurs, mentors and partners.
        • Fab Advisor for your own virtual, private, advisory board to provide ideas and feedback.
        • Personalized coaching to fit your needs; changing as you grow.
        • Entrepreneurial Mindset class featuring the Ice House Entrepreneurship Program.
        •  Financial assistance for Destination Boot Camp to learn about becoming a destination.
        • Web presence in the Fab Lab ICC Marketplace with capability to sell your products and services
        • Portfolio display on the Fab Lab ICC premises
        • 15% discount off most Fab Lab ICC supplies, materials and merchandise
  • You choose the tools you need when you need them.  


        •  Paid Fab Lab ICC membership (starting at $125 annually for individuals; $95 for students)
        •   Successful completion of Entrepreneurial Mindset class within one year
        • Answer a brief quarterly questionnaire about growth progress
          • Have you made your first sale?
          •   If your are making sales, what percentage have your sales increased or decreased since the last quarter?
          •   How many employees (or customer fulfillment sub-contractors) have you added?
          •   How much have you spent on capital improvements in the last quarter? (i.e. Equipment, remodeling, etc.)
        • Proper registration at launch (i.e. sales tax, federal ID, etc.)
        • Monthly engagement (at least one of the following)
        •  Fab Lab ICC use
        • Inquiry of your coach
        •  Conversation in your Fab Advisor forum
        • Attendance to a Fab Lab ICC class or seminar

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