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We do a lot of experimenting at Fab Lab ICC and occasionally we develop products that we'd like to test in the marketplace. Most things you see here are in the early stages of development, but we believe they provide a basic form, fit and function. While we make no claims or warranties of effectiveness or suitability for any purpose, we do want you to be satisfied with your purchase. If, within a reasonable amount of time after purchase, you decide your purchase does not work for you, please contact Fab Lab director, Jim Correll at 620.252.5349 or and he'll be glad to make arrangements for refund.

How we handle:

Kansas Sales Tax: For all orders with delivery destinations in Kansas, we will first add the state-wide rate of 6.5% to the order. Manually, we will include any additional city or county sales taxes in the product price.

Proceeds: Any proceeds remaining after allowing for the cost of materials and supplies will be used for Fab Lab ICC operations which includes purchase and repair of equipment and supplies.


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