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CorelDRAW Basics

  • 19 Jun 2019
  • 6:30 PM - 8:00 PM
  • Fab Lab ICC
  • 3


  • Wednesday, June 19, 6:30-8:00 pm
    Class is limited to 8 participants.

Registration is closed

CorelDRAW Basics

Computers with CorelDRAW loaded available.

Wednesday, June 19, 6:30 - 8:00 pm

No cost since it is a prototype, but limited to 8 participants.

1. About CorelDRAW

Paid vector graphic drawing software, similar to adobe illustrator

2. Outcomes

Basic use and understanding of CorelDRAW and its tools

Advanced use of vector line editing

Explain vector vs bitmap

3. Creating a document

Canvas (workspace) size explanation

DPI explanation

CYMK (Cyan magenta yellow & key) vs RGB

Most printers use cymk such as the mutoh, you’ll want designs to be in this color

4. Windows

Dockers (To the right of the screen)

You can assign different tools and sections of the software to always be on the

docker such as object properties. These are always on the side of the software.

5. Tools (not really used), tables (created spreadsheet style tables), text properties (will be on

the dockers)

6. Create some objects using the rectangle tool and the ellipse tool (circle tool)

7. Explain different changes you can do with these objects

Start with object properties

Outline explanation [inside the line vs outside, hairline and pt) (the color for this is

different vs the object itself, when you use the tools it only creates an outline.]


Can create filled objects and set the color

Can use a gradient fill [changes the shade of the coloring]

Object editing

Smooth tools, smears, and shape

Explain how to access these on every tool

Editing using crop and segment delete, knife is only used to slice vectors in


Segment delete can only delete separated lines on vectors, not joined ones

Put two boxes and delete the extra segment in the middle

Line creation tool and measure tool


Fit to line

Paragraph settings


8. Objects

You can change the properties of multiple objects when you select both of them


Trim Objects

Remove inside from outside

Eyedropper tool

Other: Shortcuts [select multiple objects through holding shift or ctrl]

Transparent vs white background

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